How to avoid ‘nothing’ to wear in your wardrobe.

Do you ever get that blank feeling when you open your wardrobe doors?

I’ve found that since March 2020 de cluttering my wardrobe has been a much harder task to fulfil, due to the shift of my everyday staple pieces. For example, pre covid19 I would wear a smart blazer, trousers/skirt/dress and heels to work, now working home I reach for the feel-good comfy outfits. Nights out have also dropped off the agenda too. My previous rule of ‘when did I last wear this’ has slightly gone out of the window however, what I am doing more now is looking what’s already in my wardrobe and re purposing outfits to make every piece work for me.

It’s a personal choice how to sort your wardrobe but I tend to follow these sets of rules;

1. Make some time to just focus on the task with some music on

2. Take everything out – this way you are committed to finish

3. Put items into categories ie skirts, trousers, tees, sweatshirts etc

4. Try matching up outfits that you haven’t tried before

5. If a button has fallen off – sew it back on

6. If the item of clothing still isn’t working for you and doesn’t make you happy put it to one side to sell or pass to your local charity shop.

Now you should be left with outfits that you love and hopefully you may have discovered some new inspiration combinations to wear together.

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